G.I. Wires

G.I. Wires

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    • 140 ₱

Philippine Standard – Zinc Coating for 1.90mm to 2.20mm is 220g/m². Tensile Strength MPa 350-515.
With a lifespan of 50 years, The galvanized wire that is coated with zinc is by far the best option and most effective compared to wire coated in paint or enamel. Zinc provides a greater electronegativity than other materials, which makes it the best protectant. galvanized wire is reliable with a permanently bonded tough coating of zinc.
Its materials react well with other metals, acids, and chemicals, and can withstand even the toughest outdoor elements. This makes Galvanized wire a top choice for construction companies.

#20 – 110m
#18 – 70m
#16 – 44m
#14 – 28m
#12 – 16m

Weight 1 kg


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