Pre-Engineered Buildings and Warehouses

Pre-Engineered Buildings and Warehouses

SIP’s Structural Engineering, Prefabricated Buildings, and Warehouses. We design and fabricate using various materials and methods to satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements.

For inquiries and free quotations, please call us at 02-8245-4518 / 0917 154 1751.


Architectural flexibility

Accessories such as trims, gutters and fascias can be customized to enhance the aesthetics. Additionally to our standard colors, we have an unlimited palette to choose from. Combining steel with other materials such as brickwork or glass gives unlimited scope in architectural design.

Functional versatility

There is no one-size-fits-all with pre-engineered steel buildings. The structure of the building can be customized to reach its maximum potential. We can handle huge unobstructed indoor spaces, with up to 180m between columns and large bay spacing up to 15m.

Environmental friendliness

With certified products and building solutions, we proudly meet the sustainability criteria described by LEED®. We also help our customers obtain their own certifications in environmental management and sustainability.


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