The Proposed National Budget for Fiscal Year 2022, submitted by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to the 18th Congress on August 23, 2021, affirms the Administration’s commitment in the coming year to decisively address the continuing challenges of the global health crisis without compromising on the Filipino people’s desire for change and their aspirations for a better life. The PhP5.024 Trillion Proposed 2022 National Budget is the last full-year government budget to be enacted under the Duterte Administration. This proposal is equivalent to 22.8 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and higher by 11.5 percent than last year’s National Budget. Though this financial program covers an entire fiscal year, with the scheduled turn-over to the next administration by mid-year, its implementation will transition from the present administration to the next. This reality was at the core of and shaped the planning process for the country’s expenditure program for 2022. Undeniably, this proposed National Budget will be crucial, not only to support a smooth and efficient transition, but to serve as a critical link between the present and the future, maintaining the momentum of development and sustaining the legacy of change – promised and delivered – for Filipinos today and for the future generations. Moreover, against the backdrop of a still raging pandemic that has already severely impacted the physical and Forewordfinancial health of the people and the nation, this proposed National Budget holds even greater significance. While we now seem to have survived the worst of the crisis, much damage has been inflicted on our country. Our people have suffered, the economy has taken a beating, and development has been derailed. But fortunately, only temporarily – because the Administration has always been in control. The leadership has always been on top of the situation, fully understanding the problems, and committed to addressing them immediately and appropriately. The Proposed 2022 National Budget reflects this commitment – to heal and recover. And, even beyond this, it reveals the determination of the Duterte Administration to ensure that the journey continues towards full realization of its vision and goals for the Filipino people.As President Duterte declared during the last Budget Message he delivered, “We need to give back to our people the dreams that they have almost abandoned, as they struggled to survive the pandemic. We need to get on the road to recovery and resume our journey to peace and progress.”These theme and narrative are highlighted in the 2022 People’s Proposed Budget. It keeps the focus on ensuring the country’s recovery from the pandemic through strategies and measures that would reduce if not finally halt the spread of the COVID-19, and cushion the economic and social shocks of the pandemic. This, without losing sight of the Duterte Administration’s goals and priorities aimed at building a better Philippines through change for positive transformation and the fulfillment of national aspirations.The Proposed 2022 National Budget will ensure that the legacy of real change – the Duterte Administration’s mandate from and promise to the Filipino people – will live on and bear lasting fruit in the strongly-rooted, comfortable, and secure lives of future generations of Filipinos.In this publication, the 2022 People’s Proposed Budget, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) provides a concise but comprehensive presentation of how these objectives, priorities, and strategies will be pursued and achieved in the coming year, and even beyond the Duterte Administration. This is our blueprint, the strength of our roadmap for the sure way forward.


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